We are the Authorized service agent for Huawei Tech Investment Company Ltd in Sri Lanka. 


We are the Authorized service agent in Srilanka for Huawei CDMA FWT / CDMA FWP & Huawei  Smart Phone and Tabs.  As a service agent we are giving warranty services to following customers.

We aim to provide our clients with real solutions to help them adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the technology industry. To provide a complete line of total lifecycle support services, designed to complement the needs of technology-driven companies, and add value to their business operations, products and services.

Our Services

  • Repair of All Brands of CDMA FWP & FWT .
  • Repair All Brands of Smart phone & Tabs. (Huawei, Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia)
  • Repair Cash Counting Machine