Calculators & Office Equipment

Calculators ( CASIO )

  • Printing desktop calculator with 12-digit Digitron display,
  • 2-colour printing system and Cost/ Sell/ Margin Calculation
  • Tax Calculation / Item Counter
  • 12-Digits EXTRA BIG LC-Display

Calculators ( CASIO )

  • 12-Digits EXTRA BIG LC-Display
  • Two Way Power
  • 150 Steps Check
  • Review & Auto Review
  • Correct Key
  • Tax Calculation
  • Key for changing Plus/Minus Sign

Barcode Scanner

Meet MS7120 ORBIT! MS7120 ORBIT is small in size, but BIG in performance. MS7120 ORBIT is Honeywell's first Point-of Sale barcode scanner to utilize holographic technology to precisely focus the scanner's laser and therefore increase performance and efficiency. MS7120 ORBIT is perfect for retail applications where counter space is at a premium and its unique contoured design allows it to be picked up to scan large, bulky items.

Laminating machines

Binding Machines

PSTN Phone

Cordless Phone



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Our Services

  • Repair of All Brands of CDMA FWP & FWT .
  • Repair All Brands of Smart phone & Tabs. (Huawei, Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia)
  • Repair Cash Counting Machine