JL8000 Multifunctional Intelligent Cash Processing Systems

Product Brief

JL8000 Multifunctional Cash Processing System is an outstanding product in Julong product collection. Clean lines with elegant appearance and human oriented idea highlight the outstanding utility. Delicate design, ideal layout and combination maximize the sorting efficiency.

Automatically complete classification and package of ATM, FIT and UNFIT currency, reject the suspect banknote to reject stacker, save human resources, highly improve working efficiency and sorting quality. To monitor the whole process with software system and sort in a closed environment shows more human care and environment protection. JL8000 is considered as an ideal model in cash processing industry, which will terminate the complicate process of currency processing center.

Basic capacity for one working station : 220,000~340,000 notes/day
Peak value : 370,000 notes/day
Average : 280,000 notes/day
One more station double the productivity. One station needs 2 operators on the basis. Each system needs N+1 operators (N=number of station)