Brio 8 Plus

Cash - Double Pocket - Multi Currency
Mix value Counting Machine

Drastically improve the productivity of your business operations while maintaining cash movements accurately thanks to the Brio 8 Plus

Sorting and non-stop counting with reject pocket

Drastically improve the productivity of your business operations while maintaining cash movements accurately thanks to the Mix value counter 8 plus. This superior cash counting machine utilizes time-tested, advanced technology to ensure a quick and accurate count of cash each and every time 24x7, 365. When your business operates with hundreds of customer footfalls necessitating efficient cash counting, this is the machine to turn to. The Mix value counter 8 plus offers three counting speeds for your convenience together with a built-in automatic and manual start function. Best of all, its self-diagnosis feature is the most useful as even without a trained technician the machine can be maintained efficiently. Further, a full-colour touch screen affords easy operation while the built-in heavy-duty durable keys add to the ultimate user experience.

Brio 8 Plus Cash Counting Machine for sale in Sri Lanka


  • Sorting and Non-stop counting with reject pocket
  • Fully automatic currency recognition and mixed value counting function with high quality fake notes detecting possibility.
  • Easy operations with color touch screen and heavy-duty durable keys
  • Various mood of counting – Fitness, Mix, Sort, Version, Face/Orientation, Image, PCS
  • UV, MG, IR, MT and dual CIS Detecting functions
  • Value discrimination with serial number Capturing and reporting – printing**
  • Currency available - LKR, EURO, USD, GBP, CNY, SAR, UAD, AUD, CAD and up to 14 currencies optional
  • Batch presetting function – Value batch and PCS
  • Design of open channel for easy maintenance and jam removal
  • Available ports RS-232, RJ-45 and USB, SD card slot
  • Remote Customer display
  • Thermal Printer **(Optional)


Hopper Capacity : 500 pcs
Stacker Capacity :200 pcs
Reject Pocket Capacity :80 pcs
Counting Speed : 1200 pcs per minute
Dimension : 208(w) x 260(l) x 315(h)mm
Power Supply :AC100 - 240V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption :60W
Net Weight :10Kg


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